Programming Languages, HPC & Formal Methods

Programming Languages, HPC & Formal Methods

We increasingly live in a world governed by software, a world where programming is at the heart of science and industry as well as a basic skill for everyday life. In this world, the vision of a robust, flexible, and accessible process of software design is more relevant than ever. To realize this potential, software must exploit the parallelism of modern computer architectures. Research in programming languages, High Performance Computing (HPC), and formal methods at Rice aims to make this vision possible.

Our research interests include new language abstractions for principled programming (led by Profs. Cartwright and Wong), compiler construction and optimization (led by Profs. Cooper, Mellor-Crummey), software technology for parallel computing (led by Profs. Mellor-Crummey), compilers and architectures for low-power and inexact computing (led by Prof. Palem), formal reasoning about program correctness (led by Profs. Mamouras and Vardi), and computer-assisted programming (led by Prof. Vardi).


Faculty members leading research in Programming Languages, HPC, and Formal Methods are as follows: