Computer Systems & Engineering

Computer Systems & Engineering

The demands on modern computing systems are increasingly complex, from small embedded systems to phones to laptops to servers in the datacenter. Research into the design and implementation of efficient hardware and software systems will enable next generation systems to support an expanding array of services and applications.

Research in Computer Systems & Engineering at Rice aims to develop innovative hardware and software systems across the computing spectrum. Our research interests include networking (led by Profs. Chen, Ng, and Johnson), run-time systems and operating systems (led by Profs. Cox, Johnson, and Rixner), distributed systems (led by Profs. Cox, Chen, Ng, Johnson, and Jermaine), computer architecture (led by Profs. Rixner and Cox), databases (led by Prof. Jermaine), embedded systems (led by Prof. Rixner), mobile systems and consumer electronics (led by Profs. Cutler and Wallach), and security across all systems (led by Profs. Chen, Dautenhahn and Wallach).


Faculty members leading research in Computer Systems & Engineering are as follows: