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Dr. John Greiner

John Greiner is a 20+-year veteran of teaching a wide variety of Computer Science courses at Rice University.  His teaching experience ranges from databases and computer systems to algorithms and the theory of computation.  He emphasized this breadth of knowledge throughout his education, majoring in computer science, applied math, and linguistics at Rice, followed by research in programming languages, parallelism, and algorithms at Carnegie Mellon University.

He has been a leader in the use of innovative teaching, incorporating active learning strategies, communication skills, and online teaching. This includes being part of the team that created Rice's first MOOC (massive open online course).

Dr. Michael Fagan

Dr. Mike Fagan has been conducting research, developing software and teaching courses at Rice University for more than 28 years. His main research interests are programming languages and algorithms (especially numerical algorithms). Some high points of his research career include the inclusion of his paper on "Soft Typing" as part of the 50 best papers of PLDI (1979-1999) and a distinguished paper award at PLDI 2009 for the "Binary Analysis for Measurement and Attribution of Program Performance". His most recent research contribution is a paper on improving the energy cost of numerical optimization methods. As part of his research program, he has been on the development team for two significant pieces of software. Dr. Fagan's first significant software system was called ADIFOR (an acronym for Automatic Differentiation of FORtran) which combined aspects of programming language analysis and algorithm development. The work of the ADIFOR team resulted in a Wilkenson prize for numerical software. Dr. Fagan's second significant software development work took place on the HPCTookit team. HPCToolkit is one of the premier sampling-based program profilers available today. HPCToolkit is installed at all of the DOE labs, and has many private sector installations as well. Dr. Fagan was heavily involved with the call-stack unwinder in HPCToolkit. The paper describing this work received the distinguished paper award mentioned previously.

In addition to research and software development, Dr. Fagan has been teaching courses at Rice. He has taught beginning programming, senior algorithms, graduate algorithms, and introductory systems programming.

Dr. Janell Straach

Dr. Janell Straach has a diverse background including academic and industry experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in CS degree from Angelo State University, a Master of Computer Science degree from Texas A&M University, an MBA from The University of Dallas and a Masters and PhD from UT Dallas.  Her PhD research was in intelligent systems and recent work has focused on CyberSecurity.  Prior to her current assignment with Rice University, she was a member of the faculty at UT Dallas in Richardson, TX.  Before her academic assignments, she worked in industry for IBM and a large electric/gas utility organization. She has taught at the college, university and corporate level.  Janell’s passion is recruiting and retaining females into technology careers.  

Dr. Zoran Budimlić

Zoran Budimlić has been a Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at Rice University since 2001. He is currently a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department. His research interests include parallel computing, programming languages, compilers, run-time systems and high performance computing. He is particularly interested in high-level programming models, languages and systems that would make large parallel computer systems both easier to program and better performing. He has taught or co-taught several undergraduate and graduate computer science courses at Rice, including Compiler Construction, Fundamentals of Parallel Programming, Introduction to Program Design, and Applied Algorithms and Data Structures. He has also helped develop and is currently the Instructor of Record for three online Coursera courses on Parallel, Concurrent and Distributed Programming. He received his Ph.D. from Rice University.

Dr. Marmar Orooji

Marmar Orooji received her Ph.D. in Information Technology Engineering and her M.S. in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. Her research interests include data analytics, data privacy, and information systems. During her graduate studies, she was actively involved in teaching both lectures and labs, assisting in course development, and mentoring students in their semester projects.  Many of the courses she taught were communication-intensive courses with significant hands-on labs and highly interactive lectures. She has also worked as a database administrator and data analyst in the Social Research & Evaluation Center at Louisiana State University.  Upon receiving her Ph.D., she became a lecturer in the Computer Science department at Rice University.  One of her main objectives in teaching is to improve students' critical thinking skills.


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