CS Department announces Podcast

Unconventional Computing is a new Podcast produced by the CS Department

CS Department announces Podcast

A new podcast hosted by the Computer Science department will explore topics in computing.

“Unconventional Computing” is hosted by Cannon Lewis, a Ph.D. student. Lewis said he wants the public to learn about computer science.

“I want this podcast to serve as an invitation to everyone to take part in the fascinating conversations taking place in Duncan Hall every day. As an avid podcast listener and fan of all things computer science, this has been an incredibly fun and educational experience for me,” Lewis said.

“I hope that everyone listening learns as much as I have in recording these interviews. Hopefully, Unconventional Computing will help to spread the word about all of the great research taking place at Rice,” he said.

Lewis interviewed Dan Wallach, professor of computer science and of electrical and computer engineering, during the first episode. They spoke about voting systems security.

Luay Nakhleh, the J. S. Abercrombie chair of Computer Science, said the podcast will help the public hear about the work of the department.

“This is a great effort for the department’s outreach, initiated by Cintia Listenbee, and executed at its launch by Ph.D. student Cannon Lewis. Much great work is happening in our department, and this podcast will help us advertise the work, as well as have experts give their thoughts on recent developments related to computer science. It is a great effort and I look forward to its success and growth,” Nakhleh said.

Unconventional Computing is available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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Cintia Listenbee, Communications and Marketing Specialist in Computer Science