BA or BS?

Degree Programs

The department offers two undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science.

Which is right for you? That depends on whether you want breadth in your education (BA) or depth in one area of computer science (BS). That breadth could come in the form of a wider range of computer science courses, or in the form of a double major, or of completing the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership’s certificate program, or it could be a minor.

Resources to help you with your decision include:

Different Focus, Similar Internship and Entry Level Opportunities

Choosing the appropriate degree path should be based on your interests. Both BA and BS students receive similar offers from recruiters for internships and entry level positions.

For example, among employers who have hired multiple Rice CS alumni, both BA and BS students are recruited as software engineers. This includes our alumni working as software engineers at companies like Delphix, Facebook, Google, HomeAway, Indeed, Microsoft, PROS, SalesForce, Square, Tubular Labs, Two Sigma and Uber, among others.

Select the BA program if you want a broader view of the discipline; it offers a sampling of multiple areas of interest. Students who choose the BS find the more topically-focused approach allows them to concentrate more fully in a specific area of interest.